Dematerialize your internal processes

Work safely wherever you are !

We offer zero paper solutions that reduce the cost, complexity and downtime of teams.

Save time

We believe that process digitalization is the key to satisfied users and an efficient business. This is why we help our clients create a unique, business-oriented solution to manage all aspects of mobility, cloud, network and IoT.

Combine concentration & efficiency

With an approach centered around internal and external customers, we offer integrated and scalable solutions that offer complete visibility, appropriate controls and quality experiences for the consumer.

Des Portails Vocaux Performants.

Automatisez vos échanges vocaux

Dial Technologies met à votre disposition des portails et des services vocaux fonctionnant en mode push ou interactif.

Automated Reception

Ensure the continuity of service in to customers by automating your call center.

Customized Voice

Implement your voice tag with unique and personalized voice.


Set up your voice messages in different languags; Amazigh, Arabic, English and French.

Voice Mailing

Send targeted voice messages for marketing campaigns or customer information.

Our solutions

Products made to measure for you !

Our solution, metaDevice, is based on the open source WSO² platform that we have customized for our clients’ objectives.


We created Kalam, a BtoB communication and collaboration tool with end-to-end encryption that can be deployed on-site.

Kalam Visio

We have also designed for you, KalamVisio, your very secure visiconference platform


Our solution, DigiStat, is a modular, flexible and highly configurable platform designed to meet the needs of field teams

Adapted mobility solutions

We will be able to help you :

  • Engage employees with any application, experience on any device, real-time notifications and 1-click workflows to guide them through business tasks;
  • Enable modern management to simplify IT operations, enhance security and provide ready-to-use experiences for each customer;
  • Leverage a modern approach to Zero Trust security for employees, applications, endpoints and networks;
  • Integrate, extend and complement your investment to enhance security, whether you deploy in the cloud or on-premises.

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