Develop Your Content Strategy

A Rich Offer of Original Content

At Dial Technologies, we produce relevant and outstanding content to grow your business.
We consider that the creation of content is the meeting point between the company and the customer. We conceive your content as a story and declined it in all forms.

We provide your with more than 30 services in different areas:

  • News : politics, economy, sport, football streaming…
  • Entertaining content: jokes, daily horoscope, TV programs, cinema programs…
  • Religious content: Hadith, Douaa, coran, prayers time…,
  • Content for women: Recipes, cooking tips, nutrition / health tips, …
  • Financial services: Actions, stock variation, stock market indices…
  • Other: Weather, currencies, trains time…

In order to offer your customers diversified mobile content, we provide you access through our portals to the contents of several partners:

  • Medias and press: BBC, France24, Telquel…
  • Websites & apps: Ekeif, TV Dialy, Yabiladi,…
  • Service companies: CFG Group, ONCF…
  • Celebrities: Cristiano Ronaldo, Choumissa, Khadi Sherif, Dr Nabulssi, Cheikh Affassi…

Content in the Heart of your Strategy

Let content be your marketing competitive advantage
Our editors are trained to optimize your articles so that they are appreciated by your visitors as well as search engines.

Content production and publishers’ content aggregation


  • Dedicated and expert team
  • Selection and production of content
  • Partnerships negotiating

Adaptation of content and provision of the service through our technical platform


  • Adaptation of content according to delivery channel
  • 2 languages : Arabic and French
  • Multiple channels: SMS, USSD, WAP, MMS, STK ..
  • User-friendly interfaces for third parties
  • Technical platforms hosted at Dial Technologies
  • Easy integration within operators’ networks
  • Diverse billing schemes: by content, by subscription period
  • Back office interface

Animation and content management


  • Content animation plan
  • Content updating
  • Event-oriented content

Let's Think Your Content Strategy

Produce diverse content and retain your target audience thanks to its originality and relevance.