How does Dial Technologies help banks ?

Thanks to our approved digitization expertise, we successfully carried out several projects for banking institutions including the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (CDG)

Our services meet the needs of Banks

The digitization of banking services is now a major requirement for customer loyalty. Indeed, it allows banks to industrialize their customer relationship management processes and customers to access their accounts and perform the desired operations remotely.

Based our proven functional and technical experience, we provide banks with advanced solutions and services to support them in the definition of their digital and mobile strategies and the development of their web and mobile applications. We also accompany them downstream to ensure the communication of their digital banking services to their targets.

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    Solutions we implement for banks

    We have successfully performed the following missions for the CDG:

    • Consulting in digital and mobile strategy/li>
    • UX / UI Design of the mobile application of the RCAR
    • Development of the RCAR application with advanced pension simulation features
    • Publication in the stores for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices