Industrial Companies

How does Dial Technologies support industrial companies?

Thanks to its technological expertise, Dial Technologies has successfully carried out numerous projects for industrial companies including P&G, Richbond and Cooper Pharma.

Our services meet the needs of industrial companies

The digitization of both internal and external business processes is a strategic for any industrial company. Indeed, it enables them to improve the performance and profitability of their functions such as sales, customer relations, collection and other support functions.

Dial Technologies provides industrial companies with a range of solutions and services to support them in defining their digital and mobile strategies and the developing their intranet and extranet web and mobile apps. It also accompanying them in communicating their digital transformations among their targets.

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    Solutions we've implemented for industrial companies

    We have successfully delivered the following solutions to our clients Cooper Pharma, P&G et Richbond:

    • Support in defining requirements and projects specifications
    • Digital strategy consulting
    • UX / UI design of mobile applications
    • Development of their applications dedicated to internal management and to the management of their customers and providers relationship
    • Review of their applications content
    • Application administration and content integration management
    • Hosting of mobile solutions and maintenance